Why Choose Sleeptown Mattress

Our Mattress is committed to developing a mattress with the finest materials! Combining 30 years of experience in mattress technology, while conforming to your individual needs to create the perfect mattress made with you in mind! If you often suffer from interrupted sleep, Our Mattresses are made of an ice silk cloth, which keeps out the moisture so that you can sleep in cool and dry comfort.

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  • Free Delivery

    Free shipping and ships within 24 hours to West Malaysia.

  • Door to Door

    We send your items right to your waiting hands. This means you don't have to abandon the comfort of your couch or work desk just to pick up your parcel.

  • Installment Payment

    Available for credit card or debit card.

    (available online and in-store)

  • Online Support Team

    Feel free to contact us for any question.